Greasy Sally


Name: Sally "Greasy" Finnegan

Concept: Fearless Automotive Mechanic

Description: A lithe, but tough-looking young woman who's always a bit dingy.

Equipment: Welder's Goggles, Multi-Pocket Vest, Utility Belt, Workman's Gloves, Oily Notebook, Pencil, Toolkit, Monkey Wrench, Used Rag, Spare Gallons of Gasoline


Fate Points: 10
Refresh Rate: 10
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Drive
(Great(+4) Engineering Might
(Good(+3) Endurance Resolve Resources
(Fair(+2) Science Alertness Athletics Weapons
(Average(+1) Rapport Academics Fist Contacting Guns
  • Skill1: Drive
  • Skill2: Engineering
  • Skill3: Might
  • Skill4: Endurance
  • Skill5: Resolve
  • Skill6: Resources
  • Skill7: Science
  • Skill8: Alertness
  • Skill9: Athletics
  • Skill10: Weapons
  • Skill11: Rapport
  • Skill12: Academics
  • Skill13: Fist
  • Skill14: Contacting
  • Skill15: Guns


  • Custom Ride (Drive)
    • Every part of Sally's Tank-Bot was given extra, personal care and consideration, so there isn't a gear or a shaft that doesn't do exactly what she wants. Sally gets a +1 when driving Tank-Bot, and has an assortment of handy gadgets ready on hand.
  • Prototype Car (Drive) x3
    • With years of dedicated work, planning, and listening to sci-fi radio programs, Sally is the proud driver of a bipedal, fully articulate walking tank she lovingly refers to as Tank-Bot. Having poured her heart, soul, and all the scrap she could weld together, Tank-Bot is a force not only to be reckoned with, but also avoided at all costs.
  • Unsafe at Any Speed
    • If anyone ever needs to find Sally she's going full steam ahead, all they need to do is follow the trail of destruction until they catch up. All damage done to the environment (but not vehicles or people) when Sally is using a vehicle is doubled.
Truck: Tank-Bot
Speed: Average Health:
Inherent Gadget: Craftsmanship
Scene Gadget: 1/scene, 1 Fate Point
Fixed Gadget 1: Weird Science
Fixed Gadget 2: Mad Science
Fixed Gadget 3: Unbelievable
Fixed Gadget 1: Armed
Fixed Gadget 2: Armored
Fixed Gadget 3: Alternate Use - Drive (Might)
Fixed Gadget 1: Rugged
Fixed Gadget 2: Independent
Fixed Gadget 3: Additional Capacity (Boat Configuration)


  • Childhood
    • Tinkering Wizard
    • "Why are there three forks?"
  • The Great War
    • Treasure in the Trash
    • Perpetually Smells Like Oil
  • Pulp Novel (Heart of Iron - A Greasy Sally Adventure!)
    • It's Just Little 'Ol Tank-Bot
    • "I'll have this baby purring like a cougar!"
  • Guest Star (Wendy Albright and the Case of the Cursed Cove!)
    • "Quick! We can head them off at the pass!"
    • Big, Metal Rig to the Rescue!
  • Guest Star (Dr. Ernest Rutherford and the Torvirin Plague!)
    • "Make way, coming through!"
    • Drives Like a Maniac


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Events: childhood, early teens, founding moments

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: What you did during the war (late teens), and what gained the attention of the Club.

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel:
Guest Stars:
Events: What happens in the story? Who's the rival, what do you do, what do your guest stars do?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…:
Events: What happens in the story? Who's the rival, what do you do to contribute?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…:
Events: What happens in the story? Who's the rival, what do you do to contribute?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

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