The Morcant Twins

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Name: Elisabeth and Theresa Morcant

Concept:Rich, Well Educated Mad-Scientist Twins

Description:Welsh Sisters of Sixteen Years of age, the Morcant Twins are can tend to be a bit elitist, but always willing to help somehow.

The Destructomaximizer (Minimized, Speculative Science, Alternate usage)
Universal Gadget
Thompson M1-A1
Ford T-Bucket


Fate Points: 7
Refresh Rate: 10
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Science
(Great(+4) Engineering Resources
(Good(+3) Guns Resolve Academics
(Fair(+2) Alertness Deceit Intimidation Athletics
(Average(+1) Stealth Fists Pilot Endurance Weapons
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Resources
  • Guns
  • Resolve
  • Academics
  • Alertness
  • Deceit
  • Intimidation
  • Athletics
  • Stealth
  • Fists
  • Pilot
  • Endurance
  • Weapons


  • Personal Gadget [Engineering]
    • You have a personal gadget based on an existing (or potentially existing) piece of technology, with three improvements.
  • Universal Gadget [Engineering]
    • A universal gadget is, essentially, a personal gadget that you may design on the fly, in the middle of a situation, as if your character happened to have “just the thing” in his satchel at the precise moment when it was needed. This gadget follows the same design rules as a personal gadget, but is only allowed two improvements, not three. Once defined, the gadget is locked in for the remainder of the session
  • Scientific Genius [Science] (Quadronamatical mechanics)
    • Your character is a respected authority in a specific scientific field. Possibilities include physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. In the elite circles of that particular field, the character is recognized for his expertise. Even if his skill level is low, it merely means he is towards the bottom of his particular group of the elite.
  • Scientific Invention [Science]
    • You are able to create new devices and upgrade existing technology as per the gadgets rules, using Science instead of Engineering. You don’t, however, have any skill at creating or repairing completely “normal” technology – stuff that wouldn’t involve the gadget rules at all to work on.
  • Weird Science [Science]
    • You may create and upgrade gadgets to use any improvements that are marked as requiring Weird Science. This lets you design and create items that have capabilities that exist in the late 20th century, among other things.


(Aspects are often a PHRASE, a PERSON, or a PROP. While they can also be general character traits, PHRASE is often a better way to demonstrate this. Keep in mind, the BEST aspect is something that can be beneficial AND detrimental. If the DM compels your aspect, you'll GET those much-needed fate points!)

  • Childhood
    • Two minds are better than one
    • "We want another Pony!"
  • The Great War
    • Top of the Class
    • "WHAT are you making, Morcant twins?"
  • Pulp Novel
    • Undebol gyd Brenhiniaeth Balchïa
    • "So that's how you stop a Machine!"
  • Guest Star
    • Full of themselves
    • Always willing to help
  • Guest Star
    • "Don't Worry - Tanks are just Big Cars, Sis"
    • "Not Quite an Action Hero…"


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Events: Elisabeth and Theresa Morcant were born to an upper class family. Their father, Blaith, was a rich Oil tycoon, which kept the Morcant family living in great luxury. The Twins stayed at home with their mother most of the time, as their mother was a retired teacher who home schooled them. They Graduated from High-School Curriculum with Strait A+ Grades at age 12

First Aspect: Two minds are better than one
Second Aspect: "We want another Pony!"

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and Entry into the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: During the Great War, the Twins worked hard at a large university to gain masterful experience at their beloved SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. They Graduated with Full honors and Triple Masters Degrees in Quadronamatical mechanics when they were 15 Years old. They gained World-Wide Fame when they created the Destructomaximizer and used it to protect the University from Mr. Malevolent's Gunship.

First Aspect: Top of the Class
Second Aspect: "WHAT are you making, Morcant twins?"

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel: The Morcant Twins vs. the Ferrous Freaks from Finland!
Guest Stars: Blake Jackson, Firo Avaro
Events: An army of metal men lead by the Evil Mr. Malevolent pour out of the North and threaten to destroy London! As the metal army marches on London, Blake Jackson arrives just in time with a shipment of scientific equipment the twins need to stop them! Firo Avaro shows up in the nick of time to fend off the approaching metal monstrosities so that the girls - without being distracted by the robots and with the shipment of parts - are able to build the Double-Reverse Gravimotron to overload the Robot army's Processors!

First Aspect: Undebol gyd Brenhiniaeth Balchïa
Second Aspect: Of course! Machines hate Magnets!

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Blake Jackson and the Sky Pirates of Germany!
Events: Sky Pirates use a zepplin to steal the national bank of Germany and find a weather controling machine! Using strange and unhead of science, the Morcant Twins cover Blake's plane in rubber, from propeller to tail! From far off in India, Orrin frantically wires Blake last second details on how to disable the rampant weather machine!

First Aspect: Full of themselves
Second Aspect: Always willing to help

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: The Good Professor and the Wonders of Xanadu!
Events: The good professor finds himself in quite the predicament! He has unearthed legends telling of an ancient artifact that resides deep in the Himalayas, but his academic knowledge can't prepare him for the reality of the cult that guards it, or the deadly traps that await! But all is not lost, if he keeps his wits about him, he may yet uncover ancient secrets lost to time…
But The Professor can't get up there by train or Plane! He'll need a Specialized Transport to get up there! The twins refurbish a tank Into a massive multi-legged Transportotron, capable of climbing the steepest cliff!
But when an academic genius heads for the Himalayas, who knows what horrors he'll have hunting him? Out of his element, the Man With No Name has to guide the professor to his goal—and then infiltrate the secret cult, alone and without contacts! Can he do it, and help the professor secure the artifact… or is it too late!?

First Aspect: "Don't Worry - Tanks are just Big Cars, Sis"
Second Aspect: "Not Quite an Action Hero…"

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