Wendy Albright

Name: Wendy Albright

Concept: Girl Detective


Belongings: Cloche hat, tan suit jacket/skirt combo, gloves, a handbag, 3 hatpins, a small wire, a small roll of string, a small notebook, a pencil, a make-up case, an envelope, tweezers, a handkerchief, a magnifying glass, a handful of foreign coins


Fate Points: 7
Refresh Rate: 10
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Alertness
(Great(+4) Burglar Investigation
(Good(+3) Disguise Rapport Athletics
(Fair(+2) Academics Drive Empathy Stealth
(Average(+1) Leadership Deceit Science Contacting Art
  • Skill1: Any details you want to note
  • Skill2:
  • Skill3:
  • Skill4:
  • Skill5:
  • Skill6:
  • Skill7:
  • Skill8:
  • Skill9:
  • Skill10:
  • Skill11:
  • Skill12:
  • Skill13:
  • Skill14:
  • Skill15:


  • Hatpin Maestro(Burglary)
    • The character’s skill with improvisation when bypassing a lock or similar contrivance is improved, so long as he has something that could pass as a tool, such as a hatpin . Characters with this stunt never suffer an increased difficulty for lacking proper tools on a Burglary roll, and when given proper tools, can defeat locks at one time increment faster than usual .
  • Clever Disguise(Deceit)
    • Normally, a character cannot create a disguise that will stand up to intense scrutiny (see page 95) . With this stunt, he may defend against intense scrutiny (anything short of physically trying to remove the disguise) with his full Deceit skill . Furthermore, he may assemble disguises of this quality in a matter of minutes, provided he has a well-equipped disguise kit on hand .
  • Mimicry(Deceit)
    • Deceit can be used to convince people you are someone you aren’t – but usually only in a general sense . You can seem to be a cop, an author, et cetera, but you can’t seem to be a specific person without a lot of work (and an elevated difficulty) . With this stunt, you can easily imitate the mannerisms and voice of anyone you’ve had a chance to study – removing another potential cause to have a disguise examined, or perhaps convincing someone who can’t see you that you’re someone else even though you’re undisguised. Studying someone usually requires only an investment of time, and not a roll of the dice – at least half an hour of constant exposure. This timeframe can be reduced, but will require an Empathy, Investigation, or Deceit roll against a target of Mediocre, increased by one for each step faster on the time chart (page 227) .
  • Scene of the Crime(Investigation)
    • The character has a strong visual memory, and whenever he revisits a place where he has used Investigation before, he may make an immediate use of Investigation in a matter of seconds in order to determine what changed since he was last there, as if it were an unusually detailed Alertness check.
  • Eye for Detail(Investigation)
    • Your character’s visual memory is so strong that with a little concentration, he can revisit any place he’s been to in his memory in exacting detail. Sometimes, he can even pick up on details that he hadn’t consciously realized before. To use this ability, the character spends a fate point, and may make a single perception based roll (usually Investigation, but not necessarily limited to that) to find things out as if he were still in the location, no matter how long ago he left the scene .


(Aspects are often a PHRASE, a PERSON, or a PROP. While they can also be general character traits, PHRASE is often a better way to demonstrate this. Keep in mind, the BEST aspect is something that can be beneficial AND detrimental. If the DM compels your aspect, you'll GET those much-needed fate points!)

  • Childhood
    • Family Estate
    • "You little snoop!"
  • The Great War
    • Smoke and Mirrors
    • Meticulous
  • Pulp Novel
    • "Small-town girl from Vermont"
    • "Look! Footprints!"
  • Guest Star ( Dr. ER and the Curse of Tomorrow! )
    • "Just call me 'Wendy Nightingale'"
    • "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!"
  • Guest Star ( Heart of Iron - A Greasy Sally Adventure! )
    • "Yikes! Tank-Bot!"
    • "So THAT'S how it works!"


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Wendy is from the Northeast, specifically Woodlawn, Vermont. Her parents died when she was a baby, so she was sent to live with her grandfather, who rented out rooms in his house. Wendy attended public school in Woodlawn, and helped out with the parade of guests that stayed in her grandfather's house.

First Aspect: Family Estate
Grandfather's house

Second Aspect: "You little snoop!"
Wendy's nature as a suspicious snoop got her into a lot of trouble; as she investigated the mysterious guests renting rooms, she invariably found herself in troublesome situations.

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and Entry into the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: What you did during the war (late teens), what gained the attention of the Club.

First Aspect: Smoke and Mirrors
As a junior vigilante investigator, Wendy uncovered a lot of criminal activities where the participants were using illusions and other staged trickery to fool people.

Second Aspect: Meticulous

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel: The Curse of Devil's Cove
Guest Stars: Greasy Sally, Dr. ER
When vacationers go missing in the sleepy town of Devil's Cove, locals blame it on an Indian curse. But girl detective Wendy Albright has a hunch that the truth is even worse! Hot on the trail, Wendy finds herself surrounded by danger and deceit on all sides. In need of a guard and a guide, Wendy enlists the help of Greasy Sally and her iron-plated helper, Tank-Bot!

First Aspect: "Small-town girl from Vermont"
Second Aspect:"Look! Footprints!"

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Dr. ER and the Curse of Tomorrow!
The Dr, after helping to find a cure for a new superbug, gets a call about a newfound disease spreading through some Third World countries! Dr. ER follows the trail of the killer disease back to the tiny town of Woodlawn, where plucky girl detective Wendy Albright clues him in to their secret hideout! But Dr. Columbo, Evil CEO of Blaxara Pharmecuticals, is hot on Dr. ER's trail, bent on taking the cure for himself! Can Dr. ER, with the help of Greasy Sally and her trusty Tank-Bot, break through enemy lines and save the dying villagers?!

First Aspect: "Just call me 'Wendy Nightingale'"
Helped out the Doctor with the sick victims
Second Aspect: "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!"
Sneaking into the cult hideout by any means necessary

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Heart of Iron - A Greasy Sally Adventure!
Oil and Fire run thick in the Finnegan family, and Sally "Greasy" Finnegan knows her way around an engine better than anyone! Greasy Sally, with her trusty Tank-Bot, works her brain and her wrench every day to make the world a better place. A secret machine cult has stolen Tank-Bot's blueprints, and it's up to her to stop them before her ideas are used for sinister deeds! When the cult steals a crucial part of Sally's Tank-Bot, girl detective Wendy Albright shows up to help the fearless female mechanic recover the piece and trounce the cultists!

First Aspect: "Yikes! Tank-Bot!"
While chasing the crooks through the Southwest, Wendy has an up-close encounter with the local wildlife
Second Aspect: "So THAT'S how it works!"
When Wendy's car breaks down, Sally shows her the basics

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