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Character Summary

All the Characters Aspects, skills, and stunts in quick summary!


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The Good Professor, George Grant(Orrin)

Academic Genius!

Wendy Albright(Viral)

Girl Detective!

The Morcant Twins(Blax)

The Brainiac Science Twins!

Sally "Greasy" Finnegan(Guy Incognito)

Engineer with a Steam-Bot!

Hank "the Dick" Cain(Ftaghn)

Footpad with a stone fist!

Firo Avaro(The Sixler)

Chemist with a bullet for every Scenario!

Blake Jackson(????)

Carousing Pilot!


Master of Disguise!

Dr. "ER" Ernest Rutherford(Ruler)

Master of Medicine!






Quiet Serbian town, the origin of the bears?


Professor Laureate Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt, M.D.

scraggly and scrawny professor in overalls, knows math that can heat up and even split matter by causing the atoms to vibrate faster, using nothing but equations.

The Morcant Manor Staff

All considered, they seem to be quite polite. Though one maid does seem to have a vendetta against wendy, and more than enough good emotion for the doctor.

Rivals and Villains


Who is behind these bear attacks!?

Ze German Professors

Snubbed by the twins, but shown courtesy by wendy.

The Captain

Captain of Police, Bristol. Restraining order against the twins.

The People of Cairdiff

Life isn't easy when you live within 300 miles of the Morcant Twins.

Professor Sneenk

Bitter rival of Professor Grant's.

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