Firo Avaro

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Firo Avaro
The jumpy, likable loner with a bullet for every occasion and a potion in every pocket.


Name: Firo Avaro
Concept: The jumpy, likable loner with a bullet for every occasion and a potion in every pocket.


Fate Points: 10
Refresh Rate: 10
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Science
(Great(+4) Guns Rapport
(Good(+3) Engineering Might Fists
(Fair(+2) Stealth Academics Endurance Athletics
(Average(+1) Investigation Resources Gambling Alertness Empathyl
  • Science: Any details you want to note
  • Guns:
  • Rapport:
  • Engineering:
  • Athletics:
  • Fists:
  • Stealth:
  • Academics:
  • Endurance:
  • Empathy:
  • Investigation:
  • Resources:
  • Gambling:
  • Alertness:
  • Survival:


  • Scientific Genius(Science)
    • Whenever the character makes a Science roll pertaining to chemistry, he automatically receives a +1 knowledge bonus. When a science roll involves chemicals or potions, his knowledge bonus increases to +2, and any research efforts involving the specialty are resolved at one time increment faster.
  • Scientific Invention(Science)
    • You are able to create new devices and upgrade existing technology as per the gadgets rules (see page XX), using Science instead of Engineering. You don’t, however, have any skill at creating or repairing completely “normal” technology – stuff that wouldn’t involve the gadget rules at all to work on.
  • Weird Science(Science)
    • You may create and upgrade gadgets to use any improvements that are marked as requiring Weird Science. This lets you design and create items that have capabilities that exist in the late 20th century, among other things (see page XX).
    • Furthermore, you may collaborate with another character skilled in Engineering to enable that character to create and change items based on Weird Science; if you do so, your Science skill restricts that character’s Engineering.
    • Working with an engineer, a scientist with this stunt enables his engineer partner to include Weird Science improvements for a single improvement allocation on one of his personal or universal gadgets.
  • Universal Gadget(Engineering)
    • A universal gadget is, essentially, a personal gadget that you may design on the fly, in the middle of a situation, as if your character happened to have “just the thing” in his satchel at the precise moment when it was needed. This gadget follows the same design rules as a personal gadget (above), but is only allowed two improvements, not three. Once defined, the gadget is locked in for the remainder of the session. As with personal gadgets, see page XX for detailed gadget design rules.
    • The trade-off is that you can define the gadget on the fly and in the moment, as something your character already happened to have on hand (or just whipped up in a matter of seconds). As with personal gadget, you may take this stunt multiple times.
  • Best Foot Forward(Rapport)
    • You’re adept at making first impressions – sometimes you might not improve the preconceived attitude someone holds towards you, but you can at least assure you don’t get off on the wrong foot when you meet for the first time.
    • Whenever rolling to make a first impression with an NPC, no matter how severe the failure, you cannot cause them to have a lower or more negative opinion of you than they already had, unless you’re making an active effort in that direction.
    • In rules terms, this means that if your target ever gains spin on an impression “defense” (see page XX), it does not cause his attitude to degrade by one step.


(Aspects are often a PHRASE, a PERSON, or a PROP. While they can also be general character traits, PHRASE is often a better way to demonstrate this. Keep in mind, the BEST aspect is something that can be beneficial AND detrimental. If the DM compels your aspect, you'll GET those much-needed fate points!)

  • Childhood
    • Loveable goof
    • I'm just the worst
  • Great War
    • My trusty pistol
    • I have just the thing!
  • Pulp Novel
    • Zealously inquisitive
    • I was just in the right place at the right time.
  • Guest Star
    • Look! A distraction!
    • Sometimes I can make a difference
  • Guest Star
    • I learned a little something at the pub…
    • I can't do much, but I'll help!


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Events: Firo James Avaro was born into a relatively poor family, renting a shanty from one of the landowners. A lot of kids reached out to him, and people loved talking to him, but he never made too many friends, because he was afraid no one would like him. Sharp as a tack, he was very good in school.

First Aspect: Loveable goof
Second Aspect: I'm just the worst

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and Entry into the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: One day, Firo stumbled across a hidden library full of ancient chemist manuscripts and journals in the basement of the house. Immediately, he dropped out of school and hermited for long periods of time, learning the secrets of SCIENCE! Scrounging parts out of trashcans to make a small lab, Firo started making potions and flasks and vials and whatnot. Selling various preparations and tinctures, Firo developed enough money to get a proper chemistry kit, allowing 'true research' to take place. He bought a very reliable pistol, and started modifying it and making tons of interesting chemical vial bullets. He was constantly finding references to several unknown terms. A place called Alexandria. Something called a Monad. And endless references to the Great Elixir. True life begun once Firo packed up his makeshift lab, the few gadgets he owned, and as many books as he could carry, and set out to learn the secrets whispered in his texts.

First Aspect: My trusty pistol
Second Aspect: I have just the thing!

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel: Firo Avaro and the cipher of the Monad!
Guest Stars: Man With No Name, Professor
Events: Using the last words of a famous alchemist as a clue, Firo journeys to the long-lost library of Alexandria, thought destroyed centuries ago! When the associate of one of his identities sends Firo Avaro off on the wrong track, Everett Mann has to pause his plans to take off after him! With danger lurking at every turn, only the Man With No Name can discover the true location of the library, and turn Firo towards it—all without alerting a single soul! The good professor provides his extensive knowledge on all things academic in the search for the library, including some of the ancient mysteries contained within!

First Aspect: Zealously inquisitive
Second Aspect: I was just in the right place at the right time.

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: The Morcant Twins vs. the Ferrous Freaks from Finland
Events: An army of metal men pour out of the North and threaten to destroy London! As the metal army marches on London, Blake Jackson arrives just in time with a shipment of scientific equipment the twins need to stop them! Without being distracted by the robots and with the shipment of parts, they were able to build the Double-Reverse Gravimotron to overload the Robot army's Processors!

First Aspect: Look! A distraction!
Second Aspect: Sometimes I can make a difference

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Everett Mann vs… the Man With No Name?!
Events: Everett Mann is said to have no true name, for he has dozens of identities and hundreds of false faces. But when his own plots begin to work against him, has the Man With No Name found himself in a web even he can't weave his way out of? Danger awaits at every turn as Everett hunts for the culprit—but could he be the one responsible? Faced with a mysterious enemy who can see through his masks and stays one step ahead, the Man With No Name has to fool even himself to lead his nemesis into a trap! When a mysterious stranger hires Blake to fly an experimental plane out into the desert, Blake goes along at first. But he soon realizes that things aren't what they seem, and has to steal the prototype from his employer and deliver into the right hands: Everett Mann's. Firo returns the favour he owes Mann, revealing the true puppeteer behind this plot, and fights side by side with Everett in the final showdown!

First Aspect: I learned a little something at the pub…
Second Aspect: I can't do much, but I'll help!

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