Name:Hank "the Dick" Cain
Concept:Down and Dirty PI
Belongings:Fedora Hat(Grey), Knee Length Overcoat(Grey), Dress shirt(white)+tie(black), dress pants(black), Smith and Wesson Model 29, Notepad, Pen, Wallet (ID, Sally's Diner Club Card, Five Dollars), Cigarettes(metal case), Book of Matches



Fate Points: 10
Refresh Rate: 10

(5+(Endurance/2, round up))


(5+(Resolve/2, round up))

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Investigation
(Great(+4) Alertness Fists
(Good(+3) Guns Might contacting
(Fair(+2) Athletics Drive Endurance Rapport
(Average(+1) Resolve Resources Weapons Skill14 Skill15
  • Skill1: Any details you want to note
  • Skill2:
  • Skill3:
  • Skill4:
  • Skill5:
  • Skill6:
  • Skill7:
  • Skill8:
  • Skill9:
  • Skill10:
  • Skill11:
  • Skill12:
  • Skill13:
  • Skill14:
  • Skill15:


  • Scene of the crime(Investigation)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Eye for Detail(Investigation)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Quick Eye(Investigation)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Uncanny Hunch(Investigation)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Ebb and Flow(Empathy)
    • Stunt Description/use


(Aspects are often a PHRASE, a PERSON, or a PROP. While they can also be general character traits, PHRASE is often a better way to demonstrate this. Keep in mind, the BEST aspect is something that can be beneficial AND detrimental. If the DM compels your aspect, you'll GET those much-needed fate points!)

* Childhood
* aspect1:Monologue
* aspect2:Father's Hat
* The Great War
* aspect3:
* aspect4:
* Pulp Novel
* aspect5:
* aspect6:
* Guest Star
* aspect7:
* aspect8:
* Guest Star
* aspect9:
* aspect10:


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Events: Cain, a strong and proud name, yet at the same time one steeped in blood. Edward Cain and his wife Rosa where small time suburbites, whom dreamed of one day having a big bustling family in the wealth of opportunities that progress granted. Edward was a writer, a great poet of a man, however poetry didn’t feed a family. With the birth of their first son Hank, they soon felt an economical strain. Then with the birth of the automotive, Edward found himself in the cold dark factories machining parts for vehicles that he couldn’t afford.

Hank was perceptive, too perceptive. His father was an idol to him, and he enacted everything that his father did. Though Edward was trapped in the emotionless factories, he still continued his passion, his poetry. Every day he’d put on his coat and his hat and head off to work. In the darkness of night, he’d sit at his desk, and lighting a candle would begin to speak to himself, first in mumbles, then in full conversations. The child Hank standing outside the study, secretively watching and mimicking his father’s every action.

When Hank was six, a baby sister was born, and she would be named lovingly by her parents as Hannah. A blessed name for a blessed child.

Many years passed, and Edward continued the emotionless though well paying factory job. But one night, when Hank was ten, a strange man came to the door. His mother opened the door and seemed to freeze at the inaudible dialect the strange man spoke. She dropped to her knees and cried.

On the day of his Father’s funeral, that miserable rainy day, Hank stood next to the hole in the ground and gazed into it. It was dark, and muddy, and as the casket was lowered into the god forsaken Earth, Hank could only wonder, why?

First Aspect:Monologue
Second Aspect:Father's Hat

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and Entry into the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: What you did during the war (late teens), what gained the attention of the Club.

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel: "The Dick and the Well of Opportunities"
Guest Stars:Blake Jackson and the Good Professor
Events: On the streets of Manhattan crime runs amok… A PI by the name Hank "the Dick" Cain, gets down and dirty with the scummiest of crooks, cons, and killers… But when he pokes his nose too far, and unravels a conspiracy that could change it all, can he keep from getting burned!?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…:
Events: What happens in the story? Who's the rival, what do you do to contribute?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…:
Events: What happens in the story? Who's the rival, what do you do to contribute?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

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