The Sessions


Our heroes find a bear in the Professor's study, fight it off, experiment on it.

Explosive Mathematics!

It's a pleasant summer afternoon in Vermont, and even more pleasant for those with a craving for Science! Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt, the renowned master of mathematics, has decided to stop by the sleepy little university town to give a lecture! Wendy (Plucky girl Detective) has been forced to attend by her teacher (the intelligent Professor Grant), and the Morcant Twins (Genius prodigies) and Sally (World-class Mechanic and her Steam-Bot)have managed to fly into town to hear the knowledgeable man speak!
Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt steps out to deliver his lecture, when suddenly the windows shatter, and flashbangs abound! Our heroes recover just in time, as the professor witnesses Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt being kidnapped, and is promptly shot at for objecting. The Twins pull out a taser styled lightning gun and zap the assaulter! Sally hoists Wendy free of the crowd, and then points a shortcut to cut them off to Wendy before high-tailing it to her Tank-Bot!
Wendy takes off while the professor gives a short speech to the crowd in an attempt to calm them, grabs up the goons shotgun, and takes off after Wendy.
The twins tie up the incapacitated felon on stage and escape the building, while Sally starts up the tank-bot, and knows the fastest route between two points is a straight line… she climbs right up the side of the building, running across the university roofs! This smashes up the wall of the lecture hall and sends plaster and dust falling on those within, renewing their panicked state.
Wendy charges into the loading docks after the goons, only to realize too late that they are willing to fire on young nosy sleuths! Luckily, she dives out fo the way unharmed. The professor charges in right after, determined to protect his student, and fires wildly into the valuable items in the storeroom. The goons fire back, just barely missing the professor but sending splinters from the crates into his skin.
The burly brawlers try to sneak out of the loading dock door, but the first one out is smashed as a massive tank-bot drops down from the ceiling! The remaining two slam the door shut, preferring to take on a professor and a girl than a massive wrecking machine.
However, Wendy had managed to sneak closer, and while the professor jumped out and threatened the remaining two, the girl detective opened the loading door again! Before the mooks could react, they were hoisted out in Tank-Bot's mighty claws!
Unfortunately, all the twins saw - who had just rounded the corner - was a massive robot "helping the baddies escape". After witnessing the lecture hall collapse in on itself, they could only determine that this robot was here to destroy the school and secret away the kidnappers!
They lined up their electro-gun and opened fire, scoring a vital hit! The machine spasmed and twitched, as Sally inside (and the two goons in hand and the poor bastard underfoot) were all shocked with a heavy voltage of lightning!
Wendy and the professor rushed to explain the situation to the twins, while the two goons stirred back to attention and unloaded shotgun shells into Sally's windshield! As the twins held off their friendly fire and the professor ran back to help Sally and the Tank-bot, Wendy ran back into the building to see where Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt has ran off to when he was freed from the goons.
Just then, a strange mechanical creation arced up through the sky, it was some sort of helicopter! with a massive disk plate on the underside and a Gatling gun suspended over the side pointing at the twins!
They gave the helicopter a quick blast with the electro-gun, and just as quickly as it had arrived, it spiraled off out of range while trailing a path of smoke.
However, just as this exchange took place, the Doctor noticed something one of the goons had tossed. A grenade! He dived for cover just in time, as the grenade exploded directly underneath the tank-bot! all three goons were horribly killed while the professor was his with a terrible concussion.
The tank-bot had it's legs blown out from under it, and collapsed into a husk of broken metal. Sally inside had her seat smashed into the cockpit by the blow, snapping her leg in the process. The doc stumbled over to open the hatch, and with the help of the twins attempted to patch up the injured and tearful mechanic.
Meanwhile, Wendy had found Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt just as he was running out of the science lab, directly next to the math department. he grabbed the girl and dived just as the lab exploded, sending fiery conflagrations cascading down the hallways. Wendy awoke to find Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt unconcious, and was unable to wake him.
Just then, the professor hobbled into view using a shotgun as a make-shift staff for support, and with wendy dragging along Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt, the two of them made their escape to the firemen and medics outside.
Sally was being interrogated by the twins as to how she made the tank-bot while she coped with having a broken leg, but the medics (after sedation) pulled Sally away from Tank-Bot to the hospital, and the twins went off for questioning.
Tank-Bot ended up in the police impound.
After regouping in the hospital room holding a Sleeping Sally, a Pummeled Professor, and a Throttled Thergood Mirriam Plentlebrunt… the lecturer spilled his secret. He had discovered through his research, a way to vibrate the atomic structure - causing heat - using nothing but mathematical formulae! But just in the past few weeks, he had discovered that with the right equation, his research could be use to destabilize an atom until it broke apart, causing massive destruction… He kept his work in the science lab and was going to use the facilities to continue his work, but with the attack he knew the information was not safe, so he destroyed the evidence - and the lab!
He had no choice left but to fake his own death with the aid of an old friend to falsify records, and the word of those in the room to verify his claims. He would then go into hiding, as with his research being destroyed, he was the last man who knew how to find the equation…

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