The Good Professor, George Grant


Name: The Good Professor, George Grant
Concept: Learned Scholar


Fate Points: 4
Refresh Rate: 10
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence


(Superb(+5) Academics
(Great(+4) Mysteries Science!
(Good(+3) Engineering Athletics Resolve
(Fair(+2) Resources Rapport Leadership Investigation
(Average(+1) Endurance Awareness Guns Skill 14 Skill 15
  • Skill1: Academics(+5) Any details you want to note
  • Skill2: Mysteries(+4)
  • Skill3: Science!(+4)
  • Skill4: Athletics (+3)
  • Skill5: Resolve (+3)
  • Skill6: Engineering(+3)
  • Skill7: Resources (+2)
  • Skill8: Rapport (+2)
  • Skill9: Leadership (+2)
  • Skill10: Investigation (+2)
  • Skill11: Endurance (+1)
  • Skill12: Awareness (+1)
  • Skill13: Guns (+1)
  • Skill14:
  • Skill15:


  • Walking Library (Academics)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Scholar, History [] (Academics)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Stunt3(Skill)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Stunt4(Skill)
    • Stunt Description/use
  • Stunt5(Skill)
    • Stunt Description/use


(Aspects are often a PHRASE, a PERSON, or a PROP. While they can also be general character traits, PHRASE is often a better way to demonstrate this. Keep in mind, the BEST aspect is something that can be beneficial AND detrimental. If the DM compels your aspect, you'll GET those much-needed fate points!)

  • Childhood
    • Give it the Old College Try
  • Great War
    • Listen to Teacher
    • Absentminded Professor
  • Pulp Novel
    • an Academic Lifestyle
  • Guest Star
    • Doomsday Machines: their Care, Maintenance, and Destruction
    • <placeholder: Urgent Information/Down to the Wire/No, the BLUE wire>
  • Guest Star
    • "I've got a book on that very subject!"
    • "The Knowledge of the Ancients is not so far removed from our own."


Phase One (childhood (1900-1914))

Events: childhood, early teens, founding moments

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

Phase Two (The Great War (1914-1918) and Entry into the Club)

Your Patron in the Century Club:
Events: What you did during the war (late teens), what gained the attention of the Club.

First Aspect: Give it the Old College Try
Second Aspect: Absentminded Professor

Phase Three (Your Novel!)

Title of your Novel: The Good Professor and the Wonders of Xanadu!
Guest Stars: Morcant Twins and the Man with No Name
Events: The good professor finds himself in quite the predicament! He has unearthed legends telling of an ancient artifact that resides deep in the Himalayas, but his academic knowledge can't prepare him for the reality of the cult that guards it, or the deadly traps that await! But all is not lost, if he keeps his wits about him, he may yet uncover ancient secrets lost to time…
But The Professor can't get up there by train or Plane! He'll need a Specialized Transport to get up there! The twins refurbish a tank Into a massive multi-legged Transportotron, capable of climbing the steepest cliff!
But when an academic genius heads for the Himalayas, who knows what horrors he'll have hunting him? Out of his element, the Man With No Name has to guide the professor to his goal—and then infiltrate the secret cult, alone and without contacts! Can he do it, and help the professor secure the artifact… or is it too late!?

First Aspect: an Academic Lifestyle
Second Aspect:

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Blake Jackson and the Sky Pirates of Germany
Events: Sky Pirates use a zepplin to steal the national bank of Germany and find a weather controling machine! Using strange and unhead of science, the Morcant Twins cover Blake's plane in rubber, from propeller to tail! From far off in India, Orrin frantically wires Blake last second details on how to disable the rampant weather machine!

First Aspect: Doomsday Machines: their Care, Maintenance, and Destruction
Second Aspect:

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: Firo Avaro and the cipher of the Monad!
Events: Using the last words of a famous alchemist as a clue, Firo journeys to the long-lost library of Alexandria, thought destroyed centuries ago! When the associate of one of his identities sends Firo Avaro off on the wrong track, Everett Mann has to pause his plans to take off after him! With danger lurking at every turn, only the Man With No Name can discover the true location of the library, and turn Firo towards it-all without alerting a single soul! The good professor provides his extensive knowledge on all things academic in the search for the library, including some of the ancient mysteries contained within!

First Aspect: "I've got a book on that very subject!"
Second Aspect: "The Knowledge of the Ancients is not so far removed from our own."

Phase Six (Other Adventures)

Guest Star In…: The Dick and the Well of Opportunities!
Events: On the streets of Manhattan crime runs amok… A PI by the name Hank "the Dick" Cain, gets down and dirty with the scummiest of crooks, cons, and killers… But when he pokes his nose too far, and unravels a conspiracy that could change it all, can he keep from getting burned!?
On a rainy Manhattan night, as Blake Jackson exits his favorite watering hole, he sees The Dick getting roughed up by some goons! Disregarding his own safety he jumps into the fray, giving Hank Cain a quick breather that lets him come back strong to finish them off!
Idle speculation on conspiracies of ages past becomes all too real when the Good Professor gets caught up in a modern day conspiracy during one of his conferences! Will his knowledge give Hank the answers he needs, or only leave everyone with more questions..?

First Aspect:
Second Aspect:

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