The Heroes' Pulp Novels

The Morcant Twins vs. the Ferrous Freaks from Finland!

An army of metal men pour out of the North and threaten to destroy London! As the metal army marches on London, Blake Jackson arrives just in time with a shipment of scientific equipment the twins need to stop them! Without being distracted by the robots and with the shipment of parts, they were able to build the Double-Reverse Gravimotron to overload the Robot army's Processors!

Blake Jackson and the Sky Pirates of Germany!

In the skies over Germany, a pirate zeppelin has just stolen the entire vault of the German National Bank in a daring raid. Little do they know that in addition to gold, the vault contains a deadly weather controlling machine, and when it is accidentally set off during the celebration, Blake Jackson may be the only man capable of keeping all of northern Germany from becoming a flooded, lightning scarred wasteland. On his first attack against the pirate zeppelin, Blake is nearly shot from the sky by lightning! But with a little help from his friends Katherine and Theresa Morcant, who use strange and unheard of sciences to coat his plane in a non conductive armor plating, he is able to fly his way onto the zeppelin. After a pitched battle in the cockpit with the pirate captain, Blake saves the day! Suddenly, the weather machine goes haywire, causing torrential floods and threatening to destroy the zeppelin! At the last minute, from far off India, Professor Grant wires Blake the info he needs to disable the machine and save the day.

Firo Avaro and the cipher of the Monad!

Using the last words of a famous alchemist as a clue, Firo journeys to the long-lost library of Alexandria, thought destroyed centuries ago! When the associate of one of his identities sends Firo Avaro off on the wrong track, Everett Mann has to pause his plans to take off after him! With danger lurking at every turn, only the Man With No Name can discover the true location of the library, and turn Firo towards it-all without alerting a single soul! The good professor provides his extensive knowledge on all things academic in the search for the library, including some of the ancient mysteries contained within!

Everett Mann vs… the Man With No Name?!

Everett Mann is said to have no true name, for he has dozens of identities and hundreds of false faces. But when his own plots begin to work against him, has the Man With No Name found himself in a web even he can't weave his way out of? Danger awaits at every turn as Everett hunts for the culprit—but could he be the one responsible? Faced with a mysterious enemy who can see through his masks and stays one step ahead, the Man With No Name has to fool even himself to lead his nemesis into a trap! When a mysterious stranger hires Blake to fly an experimental plane out into the desert, Blake goes along at first. But he soon realizes that things aren’t what they seem, and has to steal the prototype from his employer and deliver into the right hands: Everett Mann’s. Hot on the trail, Firo returns the favour he owes Everett, revealing the true puppeteer behind this plot, and fighting side by side in the final showdown!

The Good Professor and the Wonders of Xanadu!

The good professor finds himself in quite the predicament! He has unearthed legends telling of an ancient artifact that resides deep in the Himalayas, but his academic knowledge can't prepare him for the reality of the cult that guards it, or the deadly traps that await! But all is not lost, if he keeps his wits about him, he may yet uncover ancient secrets lost to time…
But The Professor can't get up there by train or Plane! He'll need a Specialized Transport to get up there! The twins refurbish a tank Into a massive multi-legged Transportotron, capable of climbing the steepest cliff!But when an academic genius heads for the Himalayas, who knows what horrors he'll have hunting him? Out of his element, the Man With No Name has to guide the professor to his goal—and then infiltrate the secret cult, alone and without contacts! Can he do it, and help the professor secure the artifact… or is it too late!?

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